the road to London begins……

Well my dears…I am heading to London for a few weeks. To see the sights, buy bits for cowgirl caities and to wait for my invitation to the Royal wedding of Willie and Kate…  I may be waiting a while for that last one…tee hee… scouring the city and all of its market for some good things to bring home. Am hoping for pie birds, mother of pearl buttons and lots and lots of tins, better to be out mucking about in London town then waiting for the postman. The Royals seem to be taking their own sweet time to get the crème dela crème gold embossed invitation to me or it could be simply a case of saving the best for last…… sigh…just think London in the spring…. the cherry trees are blooming and that means car boot sales. or outdoor flea markets… cant wait to haggle, bicker, bargain and sigh….treasures treasures treasures…… I shall also be doing an etsy blog abut my journeys, travels, adventures and finds. It will be published on the Etsy website on April 8th…..

so until later….

big smooches


Caitie  the   Cowgirl


soon to be in London.