Copper Magic..... Fabulous fantastic YA book........ It's a MUST READ!!!!!

I think this book comes out in just a few days.... I read an advanced copy of it....and I couldn't put it down....I didn't make dinner, I didn't do laundry, I pretty much blew off everything and totally got immersed in this good.
It's marketed as a YA book......but a good book is a good book and this one is really great for anyone.

"I love Copper Magic, I couldn't put it down. Within the first chapter I was hooked, the characters, the mystery, and the small town located on Lake Michigan came to life....and I read it straight through.

Copper Magic by Julia Mary Gibson is an absolutely charming new novel. A great story, wonderful characters and a delightfully drawn tale.

In this day and age we are inundated with stories of magic, this one is delightfully different. The story weaves wonderful characters, the spunky and feisty Violet Marie Blake, into a tale of mystery, magic and Native American Culture.

What Intrigued  me most, was the power of the magic, and the understanding that magic can't always be controlled. There are so many stories of magic and the main character goes through a transformation to be able to control that power......but true magic doesn't necessarily need to be tamed, or can be tamed.

I loved how Native American tradition was woven through the tale, and in no way did it ever take on a preachy tone. It was beautifully done.

I was transported to a different time.  It was elegant, yet sassy and funny and charming and heartbreaking and breathtaking and timeless......and simply magical.
Copper Magic is one I will read again and again..... It is sure to become an American Classic and I applaud Julia Gibson for telling the tale in such an authentic voice."

Smooches....caitie xox

( Note::: I acquired an advanced copy of this book..... I wasn't paid for this review, but I wrote this because I seriously was blown away by this book and this author........ Read it.....just read it. I can tell it's going to win some serious awards)

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Ocean at the end of the lane.......Neil Gaiman

Caitlin CanonOcean at the End of the Lane was like skinny dipping on a hot June night, in a deep, moon dappled pond. I held my breath, and dove deep...... you awoke magic with your words......I shall never be the same. I thank you. 

Love letter to Niel Gaiman ..... ocean at the end of the lane.