I see London I see France.........

These are a few of my new inspirational international antique groupings that I have for sale at cowgirl caities on etsy
                                    Cartier Brisson lavender from PARIS

Cream Twist from London Flea Market

JP Coats threads from US

Lace from London

Bow lace pieces from London

Unity soft thread Made in BRITIAN

Pearls from Paris
Silver string,Blue FLOSSO, lingire thread blue/silver, blue wooden spool thread, H hankey, two yards of blue and white ribbon- from london

blue crochet flowers, 4 glass crystals from a chandelier, embroydered butterfly, silver lace- from paris

Flower bits and Mirror from the North end of the Mississippi

Teapot- I do not know where this appeared from- must be magic

Just as it should be......
Packs International goody groupings $20-$26

all rights reserved

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