If a site reappears, so will we. If the criminals move overseas, we will follow

Oddly charming..............Every once in a while I like to watch a movie online...... the movie starts, you can see a movie screen and hear people talking in a wonderful colorful  foreign language, the movie is blury and out of focus, and people are constantly getting up and down and you can see them moving around, sound is terrible and sometimes in russian,the picture goes from crystal clear to totally pixilated in seconds flat and then back again.  Its like seing a movie in a theater and I find something oddly charming about it...........  I thought these movies being posted was illegal but then why were the sites so professional, and up for so long, and offering a huge variety........ these times they are a changing.......

 --  a HUGE PIRACY SEIZURE BY THE US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE AND OTHER AGENCIES--- I was wondering when they were going to do something.......... they siezed the sites, the bank accounts and the properties of 9 sites........ and even though I am for freedom of speech I do believe in intellectual property ..... I do think this whole seizure is incredibly  interesting.

"If a site reappears, so will we.
If the criminals move overseas, we will follow"

John Morton, Immigration and Customs Enforcement 

I love this very clear susinct, powerful quote.

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